Monday, February 27, 2006

Young Blue Eyes

Maybe the Clue Crew are paying attention to us. Mere hours after Jessica's appraisal - in person, no less - of John's eyes (who knew?), the newest CC member opened the show with a pre-titles tease. Alex picked up the ball instantly with his rather curious comment that, "it's hard to believe that Spring is three weeks away". What is this - weather on the (7.0)1's? Soon after, a lone voice in the audience - and this East Village apartment - laughed at the "Waiter" category. Inspired by Liza's guffaw, I was hoping for an answer along the lines of "there's something in my soup" with Alex offering the punchline of, "shh, don't say that, everyone will want one" but, alas, no. Meanwhile, none of the contestants could pronounce the word 'World' in 'The L World'. How could my blog team members fail to get through the pre-screen last Saturday when their command of the English language is clearly better than these jokers?

The chat revealed that 2 day champ Bonnie had to receive special permission from a judge to appear on the programme. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: the US legal system allows criminals to postpone a trial to get their Jeopardy fix but the truth was far duller as she's an attorney. Contestant Jessica made an ass of herself when falling off an ass in Israel and my fave, Conan O'Brien lookalike Tim, the barman from San Francisco nearly achieved a world record for catching a mahi-mahi fish back in the day. These were anecdotes to nearly match Alex's pick up truck revelation from last week (I've still yet to recover).

The game pressed on. One of the more surreal moments in the history of the show took place when, out of nowhere, Ron Michaelson (who he?) walked on stage, did the clue and promptly walked off. Alex seemed impressed and perhaps Tim was inspired: he made a bold wager of $6000 on a Daily Double (you just know he gambles in Vegas on a monthly basis) and temporarily took the lead. He eventually fell back meaning that too close to call scores of $14,200 (Bonnie), $14,000 (Jessica) and $14,000 (T-Dog) were posted going into FJ. It was the 2000 US Elections all over again - just without the words "Florida" or "Chads". And a new champ was crowned with Jessica being alone in knowing that Helen Keller had identity issues as a kid (the question was typically precocious as FJ ones often are) and so the namesake of this blog's moderator will be hoping she doesn't - look out - Messica things up during her first defence.

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