Friday, September 07, 2007

To win Pub Quiz, answer (some of) these questions:

Not in this order and not in their entirety, either from Monday night:
Answers to come next week

1. 50 Cent said he'd retire if what other rapper's upcoming album outsold his upcoming album. (thanks to, I got this one for the team!)

2. Name one of Mars' moons (there are two).

3. Who drew this photo? (the photo seen below)

4. Name the main island in Japan (a question from our CASH CAB ride!).

5. What were the last names of the kids in Peter Pan?

6. What is the world's smallest country that is also a city?

7. Commissioner Gordon is the commissioner of what city?

8. Name one of the Lions that sit outside of the New York Public Library (actually, we didn't get this correct).

9. During the scene at the Copacabana in GoodFellas starting when they enter through the back and all the way up until they are seated at the club, what song is playing? (LOVE this question, though we did get it wrong)

10. What are
  • Monterosso al Mare

  • Vernazza

  • Corniglia

  • Manarola

  • Riomaggiore

(again, we got this wrong - we answered "types of Olive Oil" - hahaha [a hahaha in hindsight, of course])

Monday, September 03, 2007

Answer: A great way to end a three-day weekend.

What is with a three-peat?!

Dear Readers,
Now seems as good a time as any to get this thing back up and rollin'. Summer's semi-officially over and the big news. . . our team placed first in the Last Exit pub quiz tonight. Again! And again! That is, we have won for the last three times.
The first time - I wasn't on the team - but the second two times I contributed. Oh yeah I did.
More to come. . .