Thursday, May 26, 2016

A milestone or is it?

I talked about this in my previous post- 'this' being Alex (Levy) remembering his first Jeopardy answer.  The end of the kindergarten school year is near and Alex came home with project folders of his school work from the year.
What's this I see? A binder titled "Alex Levy-- Weekend Stories".  How sweet, oh look, we played, he went to a party, he saw Grandma....and then....THIS:

I'll translate:  Name: Alex Date: 1-11-16....'My first one right on Jeopardy.' Notice the players-- Steve was definitely there as Ava, me thinks, not sure about the other A.  I may have yelped when I saw this page.

Please note that Harper, Alex's 4 year old sister, has said to her father, 'I don't want to watch Jeopardy. It's boring!'

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Power Players, etc

A true new fan can be added to the Jeopardy! club and his name is.....ALEX! Levy. Alex will always remember the first question he answered correctly a few weeks ago. Answer: "What are minions?"  But seriously, what the hell are minions?

In other news, it's Power Players week on the show and I think Alex (Trebek) has gone a little rogue during interview time. When did the Jeopardy! interview get to be a place to air your woes? First he asked Jonathan Franzen about how he feels about Twitter. I'm paraphrasing but they both hate it and think it will lead to the decline of human civilization. No biggie. Then S.E.  INSERT LAST NAME of CNN (!) fame talks about what it means to be a Log Cabin conservative. This means she believes in same-sex marriage. (and she loves Twitter) And to top it all off, the third interview gets into beliefs about the 22nd amendment which sets term limits on the presidency. I'm not saying these aren't important subjects but there is a time and a place. 

For celeb interviews, I say stick to the script and talk about your charity! (where the winnings will go) 

I miss the days of contestants talking about collecting $2 bills and surprising cashiers by using them. I also miss uncomfortable, awkward contestant silence. But all in all, to quote Glen who really said during the closing credits at the end, 'That was an excellent show!'

It was and is always the Golden Age of TV when Jeopardy is around. (That's my quote) 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tournament of Champions: Fall 2015 Version

I can't say I've watched much of it yet.
For shame since it is already in its 2nd week but I did see Alex do well. I remember him. And Matt Johnson is the one to beat. He is in the semis this week.

The guy who lives in his parents apartment in NYC is also in the semis. That guy. Whatta life!!

I plan to watch the next 4 nights to see about the ending of. . . . T. . . o. . .  C. . . Fall 2015.

Good story, bro. 

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Some things one my mind- re: JEOPARDY!

There is so much great TV out there being called the Golden Age of TV (teeeeveeee) in some circles. But through it all, I still have to say that Jeopardy! really steps up to the plate and I'm always happy to watch it. None of that gross, sad, violent drama that some shows revel in...just a friendly competition.
I have to say that I think Jeopardy has stepped up to the plate and shall I say it, - we are now in 'A Golden Age of Jeopardy'.  Too many reasons to get into here and I think a super long post/thesis about it would be boring and frankly, who has the time, too many Jeopardy episodes to catch up on! I do have other things to do.  Sort of.

And with this, dear reader, (aka "Jess"), I will post some lists and some posts. I'm inspired.  See me at the list app!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Jeopardy has gone viral: This show might have a following!

So, the correct final Jeopardy answer for, "What flower is a disparaging term for Lefty Liberals?" (sic) was Bleeding Heart. But this NPR producer wrote Pansy.
She got some chuckles in the studio and then it went viral.

I am laughing that she is with NPR of all places. This makes it ok that she used that term.
In my opinion.
At first when I watched the video I definitely thought she was an uptight righty.
See people!
Don't judge a person by their final Jeopardy answers!

What is it like to go viral on Jeopardy?!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last week's Jeopardy

After Matt Jackson's reign for a few weeks, I though Josh Silverman was going to kill it-- he did but in a normal way. Not in a 'I am the smartest person alive!' way. Though, entertaining. And now that the Georgia Dean is gone (she was not that much fun but still solid), we're just going through contestants like water.

This is boring. But I can do blogspot still. Wheeeee! I'm a prolific blogger as you can tell.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Are you not sure what to think?

There surely has been a rush of posts lately. Two in one year!
So I just saw this commercial for IBM with Ken Jennings and I thought Yay! And that guy! Go him!

I also wanted to record that my children are now Jeopardy fans. We've been watching nightly and they ask for it. Sure they get to stay up late and that is probably the main reason for their interest. But a few times my daughter has told me I should definitely get on the show so it's a nice ego boost for Mom too! I'll take what I can get!

We've been watching so much that I wrote a list about it on the new List App.

Reasons I love watching Jeopardy with my kids. 

  1. I'm the smartest person alive!
  2. The happiness each time my 7 year old gets a correct answer. 
  3. "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!"
  4. My 4 year old pretty much doesn't get the show but earlier today he gave me an exact quote from a contestant interview. "Happy Birthday, You're Fired!"
  5. "Mom, you should go on this show!" (Oh, dear, I have tried) 
  6. Math: They love "watching the numbers go up."
  7. Everyone under the age of 8 gets into their PJs sooo quickly before 7 pm.