Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Last night

The winner was on the viewer's right hand side. Better yet, his name was Doc.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More fundamentals.

The guy in the middle won. (He had $23,800 going into Final)
New category titled "The BBCs 100 Greatest Britons" made me think of someone. The name is not coming to me now as I write this post but I am sure I will think of it soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

Moderately Bright? How about Insanely Bright!

My partner in Jeopardy crime has left the building. I got through half of the show and then left the premises. For the GYM! Now, that's totally out of character. Point of this story-- I did not finish watching Last Night's Jeopardy. There's always tomorrow.

However, I had a little Jeopardy action on Sunday with The Jeopardy Book circa 1990 (Pre-Sony). I just started reading it and not only did it contain clues about me (thanks, Ivy!) but the theme music, written by Merv Griffin is included. That's right, get me a piano, I've got sheet music! In the beginning, I don't know the sheet music term for this but it says to play this: "Moderately Bright".

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Chat That Got The Cream

Truth be told, I can't recall too much about the latest episode of your favourite show. But I do know this: it had the best chat section EVAH! The lone guy (another American bar staff learn facts in between serving drinks?) once won a game of Strip Trivia (I've put capitals on this as I feel they deserve them) in his bar and even added a funny when telling the nation that eventually his hat came off leaving him devoid of everything except knowledge (I've paraphrased the last bit but you see where he's coming from). The reigning champine taught English in the Cheers bar in Boston (Strip Trivia thankfully not played) whereas the lady in the middle was a contestant on the original Jeopardy in either 1960 or 1961 (or was it 1970 or 71?). I did some delving and the British library has record of two American sisters and an extremely witty Brit keeping track of the show back then with 'Ye Olde! Jeopardy Information Newsletter' or YO! JIN for short (no wonder it only lasted for a year - most people thought it was a typo about how to greet a popular drink...). And there was a real Back to the Future feel as the contestant came through - again - to improve upon her original winnings of $60. Spend it wisely and don't let the grandchildren anywhere near it. Meanwhile, in deepest, darkest Utah, a certain K. Jennings is currently putting pins in his Alex Trebek voodoo doll hoping that a new host will clear the way for his return to your nightly life...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is Alex's life on drugs. Any questions?

The 21st post on the 21st day of the month just had to happen so let me just say that every time I've watched Jeopardy in the last week Alex has been. . . how to describe?! Too hot to handle! Bold! Saying things that I never thought he would (loosen up to) say! Someone is feeding that boy daily chill pills and well, it amuses me.
Sad, huh?

Let me also add - this post within a post about "last night's trivia questions". Jeremy is bound to post one day and this isn't the day so I must post the cool question they had last night. It was the team's third try together and we thought (well, I did) it would be the one where they come in number one. First time out third place., second time out second place and this being the third time out I naturally thought first place. But third place it was.
So - the question. It is a five part-er that this trivia night is fond of.
1. The band who first sang "One Thing Leads to Another"
2. The lead singer of the Four Seasons
3. Where is the pectoral M something muscle
4. Um. . can't remember but the answer is below.

So the answers are
1. The Fixx
2. Frankie Valli (emphasis on Valli)
3. The chest
4. Antonyms (the question was something like hot and cold are what?)

So the fifth question.
What do all four have in common - how can you link all four.

Stay tuned for the answer.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Final Jeopardy Blowout

There we were...enjoying the show after a long weekend away. We were rooting for Gerard--we liked that he was in the opening credits of SNL, one of our least favorite shows. Lucretia (sp?) wasn't our cup of tea and Chris Smith, the previous champion was well, I dunno; he's in advertising and his name seems fake. Chris Smith? What's he hiding?
Well, la la la-- commercial before final Jeopardy-- la la la. Everything is going well and then straight to BLACK! Blank screen. It was a Sopranos nightmare all over again. (for all of you not in the loop; Jess and Jeremy's cable went out during the season premiere of the Sopranos) So the TV was out/broken/kaput. However, this nightmare was a little bit different since we could hear everything but just not see it. Basically, we missed Final Jeopardy. We removed our monstrosity of a TV from the stand and replaced it w/ the itty bitty TV from the bedroom. We're sort of enjoying its quaintness. I also never every want to pick up that huge crazy television again...I will pay someone to remove it from the premises.

These things that transpired traumatized me a bit. But all's well now.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Category: Fun with Words that are fit to print

In the New York Times Sunday Styles section March 5, 2006.

What is: A great juxtaposition of the title of America's favorite game show?

So you think these woman feel in danger in their prints? Or is it that if they wore their prints on the show THEN they would feel in danger?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

You don't get the chance to write postings like this very often. It's the bottom of the 1st in the World Baseball Classic between Cuba and Panama in San Juan. Panama are threatening to take an early lead with only one out and men on base and Cuba are rightly worried. Their pitching coach comes out to the mound to calm down the starting what music you may ask? Yep, the organ player is soundtracking Cuba's (lack of?) missile crisis to the Jeopardy theme. And you could hear some fans singing along! I haven't seen much of the WBC but I hope this is an official theme tune to accompany all mound visits. Why not go the whole hog and get Alex to throw the opening pitch when the USA plays Canada this afternoon? It's a West Coast game and he is Canadian after all. Oh, and Cuba were clearly inspired by the music as they averted the situation as Panama ground out into an inning ending double play. Who wouldn't raise their game after hearing that though?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gripe Session #1

Don't you hate it when a contestant answers with the correct question at the same exact time you hear Bumbumbumbum. (that's supposed to be the time's up sound)
This is what happened to Amit on 'last night's Jeopardy'. The Torture Professor, Melanie (no joke) swept in and answered the question for a substantial amount of moolah. Talk about riding on other contestant's coattails.

To solve this problem, I think the question should be declared dead at that time. Viva la revolution! Who will stand outside the studio w/me? I'll provide the sandwich boards. Come one, come all!

That's what you missed, Jess. However, Amit came through in the end and won! I wonder what will happen tonight.
As a sidenote, this link will keep us in the loop, Glen.

Quizzes gone wrong

Just a mention on coincidence.

On the very same night that I received my LOWEST SCORE EVER on a school quiz (including nursery, grade, junior and senior high school quizzes), our Tivo didn't live up to its potential. That Tivo and me, we're like two peas in a pod.

To clarify, yes, it is true. . . in my life there was no last night's Jeopardy! None. The blog's purpose blossoms!!

My lowest score ever on a quiz might have been that night with my co-bloggers at The Baggot Inn where we were graced with last place (DEAD LAST) (I don't even have a job). But in that case at least we won a can of Pringles and a JETS jersey looking bottle holder seen posing with the Jeopardy pen.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

J-Lo (Scoring)

The 3 J's took to the Jeopardy stage last night for a curiously uninvolving game (or was it just me?). I thought we might be in for fireworks as Deliah was described as a "traitorous hussy" during the 'S-Ential Information' round but that was as good as it got.

Three facts from Chat Corner: Jessica memorizes numbers (yawn).
Jimmy nearly shared a flight with four models but ended up with a 300 pound guy. But he did sound like Barney from The Simpsons.
Julie is a voice over artist for, among others, Amtrak. Alex got mad and pretended to throttle her. Talk about being a pleasant host...

Double Jeopardy saw Jimmy increase his lead and with Julie getting the final Daily Double of the day wrong, Jimmy had more than double the points of the other two. As his mate over on Fox might have said to the ladies: D'oh!