Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

You don't get the chance to write postings like this very often. It's the bottom of the 1st in the World Baseball Classic between Cuba and Panama in San Juan. Panama are threatening to take an early lead with only one out and men on base and Cuba are rightly worried. Their pitching coach comes out to the mound to calm down the starting what music you may ask? Yep, the organ player is soundtracking Cuba's (lack of?) missile crisis to the Jeopardy theme. And you could hear some fans singing along! I haven't seen much of the WBC but I hope this is an official theme tune to accompany all mound visits. Why not go the whole hog and get Alex to throw the opening pitch when the USA plays Canada this afternoon? It's a West Coast game and he is Canadian after all. Oh, and Cuba were clearly inspired by the music as they averted the situation as Panama ground out into an inning ending double play. Who wouldn't raise their game after hearing that though?


Liza said...

Viva jeopardy!

Glen said...

That was a Fidel-e comment.