Monday, March 13, 2006

Final Jeopardy Blowout

There we were...enjoying the show after a long weekend away. We were rooting for Gerard--we liked that he was in the opening credits of SNL, one of our least favorite shows. Lucretia (sp?) wasn't our cup of tea and Chris Smith, the previous champion was well, I dunno; he's in advertising and his name seems fake. Chris Smith? What's he hiding?
Well, la la la-- commercial before final Jeopardy-- la la la. Everything is going well and then straight to BLACK! Blank screen. It was a Sopranos nightmare all over again. (for all of you not in the loop; Jess and Jeremy's cable went out during the season premiere of the Sopranos) So the TV was out/broken/kaput. However, this nightmare was a little bit different since we could hear everything but just not see it. Basically, we missed Final Jeopardy. We removed our monstrosity of a TV from the stand and replaced it w/ the itty bitty TV from the bedroom. We're sort of enjoying its quaintness. I also never every want to pick up that huge crazy television again...I will pay someone to remove it from the premises.

These things that transpired traumatized me a bit. But all's well now.


Glen said...

It was the kind of 24 hours that really defines a marriage.

Liza said...

and defies a marriage.

Bill Braine said...

Sometimes it's the small TVs from the kitchen that can make all the difference.

In a marriage.