Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is Alex's life on drugs. Any questions?

The 21st post on the 21st day of the month just had to happen so let me just say that every time I've watched Jeopardy in the last week Alex has been. . . how to describe?! Too hot to handle! Bold! Saying things that I never thought he would (loosen up to) say! Someone is feeding that boy daily chill pills and well, it amuses me.
Sad, huh?

Let me also add - this post within a post about "last night's trivia questions". Jeremy is bound to post one day and this isn't the day so I must post the cool question they had last night. It was the team's third try together and we thought (well, I did) it would be the one where they come in number one. First time out third place., second time out second place and this being the third time out I naturally thought first place. But third place it was.
So - the question. It is a five part-er that this trivia night is fond of.
1. The band who first sang "One Thing Leads to Another"
2. The lead singer of the Four Seasons
3. Where is the pectoral M something muscle
4. Um. . can't remember but the answer is below.

So the answers are
1. The Fixx
2. Frankie Valli (emphasis on Valli)
3. The chest
4. Antonyms (the question was something like hot and cold are what?)

So the fifth question.
What do all four have in common - how can you link all four.

Stay tuned for the answer.

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Liza said...

Hint, please.