Monday, March 27, 2006

Moderately Bright? How about Insanely Bright!

My partner in Jeopardy crime has left the building. I got through half of the show and then left the premises. For the GYM! Now, that's totally out of character. Point of this story-- I did not finish watching Last Night's Jeopardy. There's always tomorrow.

However, I had a little Jeopardy action on Sunday with The Jeopardy Book circa 1990 (Pre-Sony). I just started reading it and not only did it contain clues about me (thanks, Ivy!) but the theme music, written by Merv Griffin is included. That's right, get me a piano, I've got sheet music! In the beginning, I don't know the sheet music term for this but it says to play this: "Moderately Bright".


Glen said...

I love our new lamp and television set. Just where do you find these pictures?

The sheet music should have said, "You light up my life". Yuck, right?!?

Jess said...

I was thinking the same thing. How ever did you have time to watch half the show, go to the gym, post an entry AND find a photo to match. Will wonders never cease?