Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Chat That Got The Cream

Truth be told, I can't recall too much about the latest episode of your favourite show. But I do know this: it had the best chat section EVAH! The lone guy (another American bar staff learn facts in between serving drinks?) once won a game of Strip Trivia (I've put capitals on this as I feel they deserve them) in his bar and even added a funny when telling the nation that eventually his hat came off leaving him devoid of everything except knowledge (I've paraphrased the last bit but you see where he's coming from). The reigning champine taught English in the Cheers bar in Boston (Strip Trivia thankfully not played) whereas the lady in the middle was a contestant on the original Jeopardy in either 1960 or 1961 (or was it 1970 or 71?). I did some delving and the British library has record of two American sisters and an extremely witty Brit keeping track of the show back then with 'Ye Olde! Jeopardy Information Newsletter' or YO! JIN for short (no wonder it only lasted for a year - most people thought it was a typo about how to greet a popular drink...). And there was a real Back to the Future feel as the contestant came through - again - to improve upon her original winnings of $60. Spend it wisely and don't let the grandchildren anywhere near it. Meanwhile, in deepest, darkest Utah, a certain K. Jennings is currently putting pins in his Alex Trebek voodoo doll hoping that a new host will clear the way for his return to your nightly life...

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