Friday, February 15, 2013

I know, I know. . . who am I?!

No, I am not. 
I am someone who used to post here often. Daily?  Weekly? Monthly? 
And now - every decade, so it seems. 
Well, I read this and just thought,  am I reading this right?!  
Is this an article about my beloved Ken Jennings in the year 2013?!  
I love this guy.  He's STILL in the news. 

Also, truth be told, about two weeks ago I ordered and have since received, but have yet to crack open, two of his books -- > 
Because I Said So and Maphead.  

So there, Super Secret Book Club with Only One Guy (Hi there, Glen!).  I don't tell you everything I read!  I have secrets from my secret book club.  It's true.