Sunday, February 26, 2006

Brain Bus? More like Brain Bust!

Nooo, not at all. I'm just kidding with the title. It took a brain bus to get us all to the west side before 10am on a Saturday but we did it! Although, neither of us made it through the pre screening contestant process, it was still QUITE an experience. Have you seen the pictures? Well, they're posted above. Look! We're with clue crew members, we even TALKED to them. Jimmy and Sara were there too helping people play mock Jeopardy games. A little bit of a joke if you ask me...many did not answer in the form of a question. As Sara said, "What is the name of the game?" Somewhat disgusted by this, we left and walked through the NY Times Travel Show at the Javits center.

Penguins, pens, sweepstakes, coffee, it was all there. And Jess and Jeremy had origami silhouettes created for them by a nice man at the Taiwan booth. Random morning? Yea, you could say that! It was great-- we'll be back and Glen will come this time. Where was he? Why, he was home, on call with the blog, of course! We didn't know what would happen.

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Jess said...

Thanks Glen for taking one for the JBlog team. Too bad you weren't there to get your own supply of chocolate globes. Or a chance to stay at an Inn in New England. Or to see John's two earrings for yourself.
By the way, can I just comment?(well, uh, this is the place) His televisoin appearances do not do justice to his sparkling blue eyes.