Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just Some Things Of No Importance Whatsoever aka things better left in my head

*Dom - the challenger not in the middle (that would make him on the viewers' right hand side, contestants left) got his Double Jeopardy question (during the Double Jeopardy round) correct and he did a nice little dance. Don't you sometimes love to share in the joy that is the joy of being a Jeopardy contestant. "I am on teevee. I got it right! This is the best day of my life. . . "

*The champ, who doesn't drive as he told us two nights ago (during a conversation about pick-up trucks) with the wife that Alex asked about two nights in a row (do you ever listen, Alex?) looks like someone I know. When I figure out who that person is, the first thing I will do is post it!

*Just a shout out to the spirit (since they do not read this blog - - yet) that is my book club. I just need to note: everybody's favorite Siamese Twins - Chang & Eng made it to Jeopardy last night in the form of a question in the PT Barnum category.
(as did everyone's favorite announcer - the man, the legend, Johnny Gilbert) Think he will make it to the Brain Bus on Saturday?

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