Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A runner up to the QRIO category

Less than a year ago--a little robot appeared to give us clues. Clues about dances, baseball signs, and all sorts of wonderful things. Let me just say, it was an episode to remember-- greatest category ever, some would say. I was seriously considering buying myself one of those cute little robots, aka QRIO but not being an actual Jeopardy contestant/winner, the $1500 price tag was a bit steep.
The "Ready for my Closeup Mr. Demille" category came and went w/ a great clue framing Jimmy smiling a few weeks ago but I think that was a great clue but the whole entire category- not in the QRIO league. But today-- there was an International Spy category (no Tivo, didn't realize that the category would be so awesome), where the Clue Crew were following or trying to track a 'package' around the world. I like when they get to act! My question is-- who wrote the little vignettes? Jimmy? Cheryl? We can ask them on Saturday! Whee! I wonder if QRIO will be there!

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Glen said...

I hear the Clue Crew have been approached to appear in Mission Impossible III after tonight's performance. Their job, should they choose to accept it, is to remove Tom Cruise from his closet. Apparently, he's been in it for years and just won't come out...