Friday, February 17, 2006

Matt, Andrew or Papi (also known as Papa)

Who will it be? The 2006 Teen Tournament comes to its defining moment tonight. Andrew, off to military academy sometime soon, Matt, off to the hair salon as soon as he sees himself on teevee and Papa, who I know nothing about. He just seems like a nice guy.

So, who will be the winner? Soon we will know. And soon, I hope, we will have better issues to occupy our brains.


Glen said...

Papi aka Papa in this household might well be a nice guy but did you see his expression at the end of last night's game? Upon learning he got the Final Jeopardy question wrong, he looked as if Alex had told him that his parents had abandoned him, Father Christmas was a fabrication and that the tooth fairy might not be the happy go lucky cash giving pixie after all. I'm definitely banking on tears tonight.

Glen said...

Jess: It's Liza here-- can you send me another invitation to the blog. It expired or something--- I dunno, I got an error.