Friday, February 24, 2006

I thought I was looking into a mirror!

We were nearly in the realms of classic Jeopardy last night. And it began - as so many of the truly great episodes do - with the chat. Alex revealed that champion Samantha has an identical twin who also tried out for the show - but missed out by one point. As if that wasn't making the sibling mad enough, Alex went on to tell the nation that Samantha was put a grade AHEAD of her sis during school! "She won't have been happy with that", he exclaimed. "No shit, Sherlock", replied the twin, just before throwing something at her television you imagine.

The fun continued. Double Jeopardy saw the welcome return of 'Rhyme Time' where all the categories sounded alike (props go out to 'Food, Dude', 'Seas Tease' and Jeopardy's favourite President being a response in the form of Taft's Drafts). Alex then got all N.W.A on our ass and tried to imitate Ice Cube during a question on the rapper. I'm not entirely sure what that's done for his credibility (Alex or Ice's). The game was shaping up rather nicely too as new player Bonnie made a strong challenge but appeared to make two crucial blunders towards the end: she didn't phrase an answer correctly (Samantha stole in on that one) and miscalculated how much to wager on a Daily Double which would have rendered Final Jeopardy irrevelant. Her breathing was also out of control which made us worry whether she might faint before the end of the game. Somehow, she regained her composure and got the last question correct and will defend her crown later. You wouldn't want to miss it. But, then again, if you're reading this, you won't be.

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Liza said...

That was Great Mate. I give it a Ten, Then. What you doing Later, Potater?