Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Alex The Duck

I'm not certain that the teens have left the building. The latest Jeopardy episode found Alex enthralled by the male contestant's (name please Jessica TiVo Shevitz Rauch?) "talent" that he could sneeze like Donald Duck. Naturally, this was revealed during the de rigueur chat segment which is neatly nestled between the first two rounds. This tickled Alex no end, to the extent that when the player answered 'Chewbacca' during the Get Your Sith Together category (evidence of Jeopardy dumbing down?) he was asked if he could sneeze like a wookie...well, what do you think happened next?

As it was, our Han Solo couldn't muster a challenge to the Princess Leia's and the game was over before we even entered Final Jeopardy (I hate it when that happens). Tomorrow, look out for an Alex monologue where he rips off the scene in 'Clerks' about feeling sorry for the builders of the Death Star. I always had him down for a Star Trek fan myself.

(By the way, ever since my Johnny Gilbert posting, Alex has only referred to him by his christian name. And "they" said that Blogging would never take off.)

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Jess said...

Sadly, due to strange viewing habits (see last post) we watched and we deleted. Luckily, we watched the contestant interviews so we know of the sneeze of which you speak.

Speaking of Johnny Gilbert, wasn't it nice to see he got his very own question this week?! That being "Who is Johnny Gilbert?" My memory fails me right now - I can't think of the tidbit we learned. Or did you know that one already?