Monday, February 20, 2006

To the River I Go.

Let's say the Brain Bus were coming to your city. Would you go?
Would you take the pre-test and hope to be on Jeopardy (and therefore, one day you would be on last night's Jeopardy and well, then, of course, you would be gossip-ed about on this blog).

The answer from this poster is Yes! Yes ! You would get thee, there early. You would hope to be one of the first 1000 visitors to said bus and you would hope to answer questions correctly and get thee a spot at an upcoming Jeopardy try-out.

To back track a bit. Last week we decided to journal our fanaticism, er, hobby and then this week we luckily clicked here

So, there you are. Uncanny really. What are the chances in the same week we start our shrine to Jeopardy, that we find a way to get closer to our Clue Crew friends.

'Twas meant to be. 'Twas.

(Any similarities to non-fictional Clue Crew stalkers (if such stalkers exist) is completely and utterly by accident)


Glen said...

To paraphrase, any post that can insert a bracket inside a bracket belongs in the "About Last Night's Jeopardy" Hall of Fame. My only hope is that the Clue Crew members one day be able to see it and perhaps come and visit this Hall of Fame.

Maybe take this URL along with you on Saturday?

Liza said...

Im looking forward to the Blog field trip! Any one who doesn't come along can be on call and update "Lastnights..."