Monday, February 27, 2006

I was in Jeopardy

Five clue crew members but only four at Saturday's Brain Bus which most certainly was not a bust. Oh wait. There were moments when it was and moments when it wasn't.

I sat down, started my pre-test of ten questions got stumped on the very first one and BUST. Skipping to the next questions my heart began to beat a bit slower as I filled most of them out and then question 10. BUST. I sat and sat and sat and tried to figure it out but the answer did not come.

Starts with "G"
This nine letter word is another word for thankfulness.

Of course, it is gratitude (or What is Gratitude?) but when the answer doesn't come, it doesn't come. Too bad I couldn't realize that as I scribbled graciousness and grateful about nine times each on my paper. I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to get up. I knew I hadn't passed and then it would just be over. Over. How final. A visit to the brain bus and 30 minutes later - no more chances to be on the show.

Well, I finally relinquished my seat hoping to be joined by at least one who has passed, who would make it to the audition and let's face it, I thought it would be my husband. The man knows lots. Lots and lots of trivial trivia. Faster than you can say, "can you please repeat the question?", he can tell you that the only egg-laying mammal is a platypus. And he doesn't even own a platypus!

But back to the end of the pre-test. I hand in my paper. I am shaking. I know I have not passed and yet, when she, with the shit eating grin (or more so, the "I know the answers and you don't" grin) "Oh I am sorry thanks for trying out but you didn't pass", I am still upset.
She tells me to feel free to take a pen and a key chain and I just stand there unsure of what to do. "I don't want no stinkin' pen." runs through my mind. But then as I start to walk away, I am myself again and I reach back towards the table and I take my Jeopardy pen and my sulk and I meet up with the others. Much to my surprise neither of them (aka Jeremy) have made it to the next step. It takes me a minute or two for my disappointment to sink in and then I snap out of it.

But it's hard.

I think what did it were the cute penguins. The penguin made me do it.


Liza said...

I sent in a comment-- where is it?

Liza said...

Oh, oops, there's one. My comment was about our first question: "What is Limerick?" Oops, we missed it.

Liza said...

Do you think a video link to Weird Al' song, "I lost on Jeopardy" is appropriate?