Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stop reading this and start procrastinating now!

So, this is really all about (or just kinda about) last night's movie.

I have been getting emails from Time Out NY for about 3 months regarding free movie tickets and other happenings in the city. For one reason or another, I have not had the opportunity to take much advantage of the offerings - I've had class, the movie hasn't interested me, etc. But last week was different. Wordplay tickets were offered for last night - game on!

I am not going to give a full review of the movie as there are just too many reviewers out there already. Let's just say that I highly recommend it to everyone who would ever come across this blog and actually stay to read it. And I will also say - I loved everything about the movie!

So, I have a midterm tomorrow and, of course, I am taking many breaks in my studying effort (trip to Whole Foods & the Greenmarket at Union Square, with anyone who is online, etc.) and one of those aforementioned breaks included going to the Wordplay Web Site.

Ellen Rothstein Ripstein is one of the crossword champs highlighted in the movie. She has won the Stamford, CT Crossword Tournament once and has been in the finals a record 14 times. She was very genuine and sweet and I just liked her & her attitude about being a crossword champion. . . so on the Wordplay site they have videos and write-ups on a few of the participants, including Ellen. I watched the interview with Ellen and in the last portion of the interview that I watched she mentioned a past crossword puzzle winner. No, it wasn't Ken Jennings but it was Stella! The Stella Daily of crossword tourney fame mentioned here in this very blog. It was cool. Ellen said Stella came in 6th last year and as mentioned here, in AALNJ, she came in 12th place this year (when Ellen said this I thought to myself, "Uh yeah tell me something I don't know). KJ, this blogs good 'ol mascot, came in 37th for those of you who don't remember the posting. Anyway, Ellen is a huge Stella supporter and thinks she will definitely win the crossword contest one of these days.

Ellen also talked about her very own Jeopardy stint. She was on in 1991 and said it was the "year of Jeopardy" because she basically prepared for a year until she was on. She got a Daily Double, thought of the right answer but somehow answered incorrectly (I liked that little anecdote. Not flashy, just basically, "Um. . . here is what happened to me"). She ended up coming in 2nd place.

Not so sure why I had to give you the run down on Ellen's entire interview. (Am I procrastinating?)
You can check out the site and hear it yourself though I am not really sure why that would be so necessary now.

So this is why I am a fan of procrastinating, my friend. It is not so much that it is worth it - but it definitely makes you smile. I think my new slogan (what the old one is I am not sure. Perhaps, did the penguin make you do it? a la William Madison) is

Procrastination - Just Do It!

PS This just in. I went to IMDB to check out quotes from the movie and saw that in the cast is Stella Daily. Hmm. . . don't recall seeing her says the oddly fanatical procrastinator.

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Ellen said...

Hey, thanks. It's Ripstein, not Rothstein.

In the movie, Stella was the girl in the crossword pajamas. She is also seen singing "If You Don't Come Across..." and on stage in the B finals.

Now go study! :)