Monday, June 26, 2006

Jeopardy is in on it, too

It's still all happening! And this is why.
Watched last night's Jeopardy. It being Monday that means it was Friday's Jeopardy. We don't usually bother with Saturday Jeopardy as they are all repeats (please say you knew that) and if we do watch 'em I certainly don't post about 'em. Puh-lease. I am trying to run a halfway, semi-normal,kinda decent blog here!

The categories were speaking to me. Ok, only about two of them, but when they speak, they speak.
Speaking of speaking, I "spoke" to a fellow blogger this afternoon. The one in Berlin.
And then I started to miss her. (Well, not started but just felt like it would be much cooler if I were there or she were here. That's all) And then, this evening I turned on Jeopardy.
Categories included:
Adam Sandler
The "IZE" have it
The Funny Brit
Prominent 20th Century Women

Those were the 4 that spoke to me.
This category was just fun! (well, it spoke to me in that I was like - oh! will my fellow bloggers love this one!)
Jepotry In this category a line of poetry was read with a word subbed out for Jeopardy. Contestants had to state the real word in the poem. It was a little off - oh so Jeopardy like though!

And better yet, the Adam Sandler clues were given by no other than Adam Sandler himself! (Did you think I was going to say the clue crew?) To promote his new movie Click, Adam was video'd for all five clues. $400 was something to the effect of Answer: In Happy Gilmore, I beat up this game show host. You're next Alex!!

Whoa, is this Jeopardy or Comedy Central's One Night Stand?
Heh. THIS is why we watch Jeopardy so religiously (when we are in the right country). Because we can!


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Liza said...

What a classic Jeop! I would love to see the Alex-Adam bash out session. Also, for the 'IZE' category, was a question, Jess B says: 'Hi ----'. And The Funny Brit. 'This part time contributor to the last night's jeopardy blog also has his own World Cup Daily feature on BBC.Co.Uk.' I miss you too...oh Park Slope one. Is Jeopardy different there? Same time?

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