Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Six Degrees of KJ

Sometimes a night is filled with a Jeopardy or two and sometimes, it's not. Sometimes there is a celebrity sighting and sometimes (most of the time) there is not.
Then there are the nights when a special treat is in store for you. Sometimes you know about it days in advance and sometimes you don't.

The special treat last night was an invitation to join a trivia team and the trivia contest itself. I don't care that the team is usually comprised of 4 men and I would be the first woman to participate. I don't care that the team takes part in a trivia night held at a watering hole I have never been to before (when isn't it fun to visit new places?).
I don't even care that the bar played a Broadway showtune during one of the breaks. What I care most about is that I got to meet someone who knows (and lunches with) Ken Jennings! Truth is, Greg (seen below) spent time with Ken only 48 hours prior to the photo. Wow. Words. . .cannot. . . express. . .

Unfortunately, the fun ends there. Not that I didn't have a delightful time. (see note about Broadway showtune above). We messed up. Maybe "mussed up" is a better way to put it. Or perhaps, stunk is the way to go. Ok - it was one big clusterfuck. (actually it wasn't that bad - but I appreciate the word - more than I appreciate ursprache so it fit).

It is not that we didn't collectively know the answers to a majority of the questions. It's that we weren't hot. We weren't on and we (we, in this last case being 3 out of the 4) talked our 4th out of about 5 correct answers. Bad form. No high fives. Just some sulking and some notions that first instincts are the only ones to support with this particular mix of 4 people. Sometimes more than half of the battle with testing trivial knowledge is just that - going with your first instinct. Knowing when to do that and when not to do that - when to think about it some more, when to talk it out. Well, our talking it out didn't work that night. Now enough negativity. . . we did know that MTV showed it first video in 1981, we did know that Rafael Nadel won last year's French Open and we knew that Group E is the one to which the American soccer/football team belongs. Go USA!

And that is all about last night's Jeopardy (incident).

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Liza said...

You are into big words/vocab these days...first clusterfuck then testatrix? Can't wait to see what is next!