Friday, June 23, 2006

It's All Happening*

And when I say all, I mean all.

Let's see what else can be crammed into a ten day period.
Just a quick rundown of real life things:

-We're closing on an apt in a few hours.
-We move into said apartment next week.
-The day before move, the event I've been planning the past 4 months comes together. The event involves over 400 people renovating a school in Newark and over 8 different vendors, each wonderful and complicated in their own ways (I know ALL there is to know about 16 foot trailers with men and women's bathrooms - wonder if that will help my trivia game?). Did I mention the over $2000 worth of Subway sandwiches I need to insure will be at the site by noon?

Now to clarify the above:
"We're closing on an apt in a few hours" noted as if this is just something that happens to us every now and then.
Um, no - this is huge!! Exciting, wonderful, yippee!
"We move into said apartment next week" Um, it is called packing. We need to do it and I need to do it without the luxury of the day before or the day before the day before (due to last minute items that will inevitably come up.)
But that is all the complaining you will hear from me because - we are moving! Yay. And by July 1 - so soon, we will be moved!
Oh - the complaining is also tempered by more of "it's all happening" proof.
Ken Jennings, of this blog's (and countless other blogs as well) fame, has commented on the last post. There's much I want to say about this but as I said over Greg's photo from earlier this month. . words. . cannot. . express. . plus because it is all happening at once. . time. . does. . . not . . . allow. . . formation. . . of. . . thoughts.


*This is my all time favorite line from the 2000 movie Almost Famous. A close second is "Rock stars have kidnapped my son!"
[Today is Frances McDormand's birthday.]


Glen said...

Hi from Berlin!

I'm glad that you verified it was K. Jennings. Heady days all round. For the record, though, Penny Lane's "What kind of beer?" is the greatest line in Almost Famous (and possibly cinema). To kind of get off the point, the first time I saw the movie (you don't wanna know how many times I've watched the film...)at the cinema was at a press screening and when Tiny Dancer was played, all the journos sang along. Spine tingly stuff!

margery said...

Ok. So I understand that you are busy, but I have a pressing Jeopardy question you might be able to answer. What happens if there is a tie at the end of the show? I'm sure I could find this out somewhere, but thought I'd consult my favorite Jeopardy expert. Oh, and I can't believe the star power commenting on your posts lately. Amazing.

Jess said...

Margery, Please note: No matter how busy I am never too busy to. . . answer an urgent Jeopardy question. I have not 100% verified but in my expert opinion (and I mean, I have watched ALOT of Jeopardy) I do recall if there is a tie, both contestants come back. Some may say both champions come back but that terminology is surely debate-able. Don't you think? Thanks for your kind words about recent readers. And of course, thanks for reading!!

Liza said...

You are correct, Jess. In the event of a tie, both contestants are invited to duke it out on the next episode. It is a rare occurence but it does happen.

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