Sunday, June 18, 2006


not Jeopardy at all! Well, I wanted to add a post from abroad about some special television quiz shows here. As you guys remember from London there is a little show called Quiz Night Live that shows the viewer a numbers/math puzzle and sorry sacks call in with their answers. These 'contestants' pay for each call that they make to the studio...whether or not they get through. The hosts just tell (or yell) people to call as if it's their national duty to answer the puzzle. There is a cash prize ($1000s, no GBP symbol on this keyboard)for the winner who will never exist. It's a complete hoax but for some reason it seems legal and I personally have seen the same puzzle on the screen for weeks! I was happy that Jess and Jeremy were able to enjoy the fun.

I chalked it up to Crazy Brits and their TV..har har har. But nope...I arrive in Berlin and flip through the channels and there it is again, a form of Quiz Night Live in German. The prize was about 2000 € and even though I know about 10 words in German maybe, the host was the same....yelling at people to call in and guess.

There are other quiz shows on this continent and I plan to report to you about them in the near future. It's just difficult here with the language barrier and all.
Also, I miss Jeopardy and all. And that is about Last Night's...oh, no it's not.

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Jess said...

Wow. This posting was a long time coming and definitely worth the wait.
Our first posting from Germany. A day to remember. . . .

Do you think when you return to London in a few weeks, the Quiz will be the same one as when we visited?! Would it be possible that NOBODY has guessed the correct answer?! Hrumph.