Thursday, June 08, 2006


This is so far, by far, the best word I have learned in my years, nay decades, watching Jeopardy. Or just the best one of recent memory. And like contestant (and new champion - sorry did I ruin the end for ya?) Roberta, I do get some of my basic knowledge from the show. Roberta in fact, during the interview noted that she learned how to read while watching Jeopardy hosted by Art Fleming in the 60s when she was 5/6 years old. Her mother would have her read the clues aloud as they popped up on the screen so she would have to learn to read - and fast!

Our contestants were Dan (the champ), Roberta (um, our soon-to-be new champ) and Quinn (some guy).
Last night's Jeopardy round included a category The Grateful Dead and Double Jeopardy included the category the Deadful Great. Oh you!
Also in Double - Bill Murray Quotes. Movies included: Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters (no - it was not "There's always room for Jello"), Stripes and Garfield. I was hoping a Lost in Translation quote would appear. Perhaps it is too alternative for our dear Jeopardy writers? Hmm.
I'll let you in on a little secret. As Alex reads out the categories prior to the round starting sometimes I will just scream out (it's not a very loud scream) something related to the category that could possibly be an answer. So, the contestants had just wrapped up one or two Double jeopardy categories and a contestant says, I'll take Fashion Designers for $200 Alex and I scream out - Donna Karan!
And what do you know, the clue was "This Designer started her DKNY line in 1989"
So, that was fun.

Also fun - Dan is from Canada. Final Jeopardy - Canadian Postal Abbreviations. Wow. What luck. Too bad Roberta was on the ball - she knows her Canadian Postal Abbreviations, too.

On another note, after a nice home cooked dinner by yours truly (peanut soba noodles with chicken) we sat down and flipped on Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In this flick, my favorite game show host, and yours, makes an appearance. The point is to show how smart Mrs. Smith is. Wow is she smart. She is walking through a room to get to another room to perform her duties (she is an assasin) and on the television, Alex (with a mustache)is on the Jeopardy set. She answers the question as she mazes through the first room. Who is Martha Stewart? is the line.
Love those Jeopardy movie appearances!

By the way, a testatrix is a woman who has made a legally valid will before death. I wonder if Mrs. Smith knows this.

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Liza said...

Wow...jeopardy in the movies...I love it. Also, what was the answer to the Ghostbusters clue? 'What is 'Mother pusbucket?'