Sunday, June 04, 2006

Just Jolly about Jeopardy

Earlier this weekend, at the Shanoffs to meet Gabe Shanoff for the first time, the talk turned to Jeopardy. It was then that I learned of the couple's daily ritual of - - watching Jeopardy! Of course, I told them about the blog. It was 7:20 pm so we switched on the TV to Jeopardy, caught Final and told tales about everybody's favorite show. We watched a classic Ken Jennings moment on You Tube and had a good laugh.

There really is nothing like a newborn and Jeopardy. It really goes with everything!

Later that next day (& night). . . we watched old Tivo'd episodes of Jeopardy, a Jeopardy marathon, if you will and when I say old I mean from a few days before as I learned that our Tivo is only set to keep 5 episodes at a time (the horror) so there would be no Tournament of Champions for me (or for our loyal readers either, I am sad to say). Luckily, we were able to catch some of last week's good action and some of the categories that are the ones that keep you watchin'.
Eric, Steve and Nathan were the players. Eric was the champ and Steve was in the middle. Nathan told us during the chit-chat time that he had recently taken up figure skating, an interesting fact, in that the man is at least 45 years old (as of the show's taping date). Steve's fun fact was that he lost 50 pounds on a diet he created himself. The just don't eat so much diet. Steve, when's the book coming out?
And then there was Eric, who's interview consisted of him telling us how he once overheard Alex being interviewed. Interviews about interviews are always just so . . . Jeopardy!
And on to the game. Categories included Embrace the "orb" and answers included the likes of "What is absorb?" and "What is Roy Orbison?"
I also learned just all you could about Sea Otters.
Their skin is made of Pelt, they normally dine on Sea Urchins and one of the layers of fat on their bodies is called Blubber. I hope anyone reading this can now answer most questions they might ever face in life about sea otters.

Cartoon Mice was another fun one. Answers were (and I bet you could name 'em all)
Mickey Mouse (this was a cringe worthy moment - when Alex mimicked Mickey's voice and then in his own voice said Why did I just do that? And to that I retorted to the TV - Yeah, Alex! Why?!)
Mighty Mouse, Speedy Gonazalex (cousin Slowpoke Rodriquez), Tom & Jerry, and Fivel from An American Tale.

In memorable Movie Roles the $200 clue was 1967: Benjamin Braddock. Who is Dustin Hoffman? That movie has been everywhere lately for me (The Graduate) as on the plane ride from London back to NYC earlier in the week, Rumor Has It was playing on the British Airways flight. I will just leave it at this - though I had a great time visiting the mother country - I want my money back from that flight due to that film!! Shirley McClaine - how could you!?! (and you, too -- dad from Six Feet Under! ANNHELICAAA!)

Nathan was a great player and he won the game. Alex' last lines were -
What a game, What a finish! And this is how I know I watched too much Jeopardy last night (and during the day) I uttered those same words 15 seconds before he did.

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