Wednesday, May 31, 2006


It is beyond cliched to title the entry this way but it is 8:50 pm (EST) and having arrived back in NYC less than four hours ago (our plane touched down at 5 pm EST), I think the easy way out is ok considering we have been able to sit down and watch last night's Jeopardy. Ok, Ok truth be told it was not on LAST night but it was on the LAST night of last week and the day we left for our trip. (It was the show aired on Friday, May 26) So, when we were already checked in with our boarding passes in hand - this was the show that was on.

Stella Daily was her name and as soon as I saw her - dark bobbed hair, square chunky glasses - I said Brooklyn. And that was indeed where she was from. And indeed she quickly became my favorite contestant. It is not because she hails from the borough to which I moving to but it is because she brought him up. Him. I haven't heard his name uttered in a while. It was a nice touch coming back to NYC, missing my fellow bloggers already, feeling a little woozy due to the long(!) day and all. Stella told the tale of a crossword puzzle contest (literary Brooklyn) she competed in the weekend prior to her Jeopardy appearance. She came in 12th (out of 500 entrants) and HE came in 37th. If you haven't guessed already, it is a story about THE Ken Jennings! How I wish I had known of aforementioned contest. Though I have no knack for crossword puzzles, I do have a knack for crazy Jeopardy fandom (see photos of Clue Crew from earlier this year) and would have loved the opportunity to meet him. Ok, ok truth be told, not really. But the idea of it is fun.
I mean, really what would I say to Ken should I ever meet him? Um. . . I don't really know. The fact is there's just too much to say.

So, Stella was winning the whole time and I thought we were on to something here (a new Ken?) - I mean 12 out of 500! - there is probably some good Jeopardy left in her - but she failed me at Final Jeopardy (and actually answered the same way I would have had it been this future Brooklyn-ite on the show instead of her). The category was 20th Century Women and the Final Jeopardy clue was: In 1963 she was quoted as saying, "I want to be the Jane Austen of Southern Alabama" My guess (and Stella's answer) was Margaret Mitchell. Alas, the answer was Harper Lee.

While it is good to be back - I mean, there is Jeopardy here after all - I do miss many things about London. Aside from the corners, that is. And that is all about Last (Friday) Night's Jeopardy.

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Glen said...

When I read your posting, I thought we were about to get your thoughts on Belgium's finest beer. I hope she starts drinking on set as she inches ever nearer Ken's record!

Oh, my blogging life part two starts up again next week as I'll be part of this motley crew. There should be something up soon after touching down in Berlin next Monday (but nowhere near as quick as yours!)