Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Glitch

On last night's Jeopardy we saw another 1-day champ lose to a new guy. Nothing is sticking. My theory is that the questions are just too specific for one person to be all knowing for more than 11 categories (5 regular, 5 Double and 1 Final)
When a winner doesn't come through a second time I also wonder if he or she was just lucky with the categories.

So the champ lost to the guy in the middle and although the interviews were sprite-ly it wasn't anything to write home (blog?) about. But then. . . oh then. During the commercial between the announcement of the Final Jeopardy category and the Final Jeopardy Answer and Question and well, the finale of the show, our Tivo served us well. The show had been recorded so we fast forwarded to skip the commercials and we saw something out of the ordinary on the screen. We rewound only to see a screen filled with the Jeopardy Blue and text saying the following in the place of a regular advertisement.
" Show #4,995
VTR Date: 3/15/2006
Air Date: 5/5/2006"

Then instead of another commercial the screen went blank for about 15 seconds. And then all of a sudden we heard the Jeopardy music. Alex wasn't reading the answer. He was no where to be seen. The question had obviously already been read and the time had started. Contestants were scribbling and gasp - something was clearly amiss.

So, yes, it was a major glitch and a major night in the Jeopardy world after all.
What a thrill! Haven't you ever wondered how long before their airdate shows are taped? I thought we would have to wait until one of us (oh, please one day, let it be) flew to LA to be a contestant. Now it is not so important. (Joke)
Now we know!


Liza said...

Wow! The air date/tape date delay was one of those things that kept me up at night. Now that I know, my insomnia is cured!
Love the picture...this is a dream post. It really helps me stay in touch. I don't want to miss a thing!

Jess said...

Now when you say this is a dream post - did you have a dream about it prior to reading it? Or will you be dreaming about it for nights to come? it is a rhetorical question, of course but please note - Wow! Yours was a dream comment!

Liza said...

I didn't exactly have a dream about but basically, it's a perfect post. I'm away, missing Jeopardy immensely and this one really fills me in on what I missed. (categories aside) I guess I just like the sensationalism of it. Think anyone was fired for the glitch?