Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Categorically categorious

Hello and Welcome to another All About Last Night's Jeopardy.
Today we have a straight-up post filled with all of the category info you could ever wish for - some questions, some answers, and some information about just who is the current Jeopardy champ.

Jeopardy round:
Pseudo Movie Ratings
Someday My Prints Will Come

Under White we had "garage rock superstars" (White Stripes)
And soon after Matt selected the first daily double when he was in second place. He bet it all and he doubled his money by answering this questions.
"calcium carbonate conglomeration in englands county kent" What are the White Cliffs of Dover? Great one for those England bound. I hope to strike up a conversation with someone on the airplane or perhaps at pub night and ask them same.

Under Snow, we learned that Eskimos call snow "pukak", SF means snow flurries and "Himalaya" means abode of snow.
And the questions under Pseudo Movie Ratings were (in order of appearance)
malcolm x
r kelly (sang I Believe)
ali g (Sasha Baron Cohen)
pg whoadhouse
NCC1701 (a Star Trek reference)

During the getting to know you portion of the show we learned that Matt from Atlanta doesn't know how to juggle, Laura Brown, from Seattle,
knows how to Akido and she is a forensics and clinical psychologist and the champ's name is Fred though in the first round for some reason I thought it was Craig. He really looks like a Craig. And he lived in Greece for a portion of his life.
(kinda like you living in Ealing in a cottage for a portion of your life.)

The scores are as follows.
Fred (champ) $5,800
Laura $1,600
Matt $4,400
Double Jeopardy categories:

geographic locations
inspired titles
what the "H"? (my personal favorite) Really Alex, What the "H"?!?!?!

The What the "H"? questions were:
What is hat trick?
What is hold? (an ankle lock)
What is hedgehog?
What is Hobart? (a Tasmania capital)

Under Hodgepodge we learned that:
Chicken fat's sentimental name is schmaltz.
And the state of VT has banned smoking in prisons.

An exciting moment came at the last $2000 clue under 1990s. In this category, the questions all had a 1990 year in them.
The year the Euro is introduced into financial markets.
What is 1999?
And Laura wraps it up with $17,000
Neither Matt nor Fred will be able to beat her score.

Which definitely leads to a not so very edge of your couch final. Nonetheless,
WORD HISTORY was the Final Jeopardy category.
And the question was "What is horde?" (based on the Mongol tribe and something about vast numbers)(aka HORDE)

Laura is the champ with $17,500 and was so very enthusiastic! She is fundamentally an example of how all champions should be. Smiley and excited.

By the way, the most popular type of Tonka truck is the dump truck.

Now, you will be tested on this come the end of May!


Glen said...

Now you see, over here, we would be saying you've created a rod for your own back. In fact, ye olde worlde types of Oxford were heard commenting that Categorically categorious (they totally got the "new" Latin stuff by the way) would be hard to beat because, er, you seemed to report on every single Q and, if you will, A. I'm impressed, don't get me wrong, but enthusiasm can only go so far (aka the end of the week). But at least it proves that Last Night (Redux) can be put to bed - the antithesis of your latest posting (long words can and should be attributed to where we went today).

Liza said...

Great post.
I always say to Glen while sitting in the cottage conservatory, "Having never been to Greece, I would imagine that it's like this" And he wholeheartedly agrees. So excited for your trip to "Greece"? Ealing: The Greece of London.