Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Universally Challenged

So there I was, all alone, waiting for Liza in our new home and inevitably the TV came on. As pathetic as it sounds, I knew that as soon as 10.30pm rolled around, I would be fine as one of the shows I work on would come on (it's about football so my constant excuse is I would be watching regardless of my choice of career) but how to get to the (near) graveyard shift? Eastenders came and went (oh how I've missed you! Phil's son ran away but came back - phew! - and everyone got drunk at the pub. That's pretty much the recap for any British soap opera) and then the 8.30 - 9.00pm slot became filled by University Challenge. For those of you unaware of this staple diet in the British quiz schedules, two (usually) upper class sides from the UK's greatest universities battle it out to win, like, a plate. The questions are obscenely difficult (if I get 5 right, I can sleep easy) but before I could even attempt the music round (name the composer to this piece of classical music) I realised that this was the first quiz show I'd watched since...well, you know what. And it was a freaky experience for the first half of the show because each time a contestant answered, I was expecting them to phrase it as a question! Their one word responses confused me and I started to feel quite uneasy. Normal service had resumed by the time the gong sounded to indicate the end of the game (Cambridge beat London, if you're wondering) but I hadn't enjoyed what I'd watched one bit. I think what I'm trying to say is, "What is, I miss Jeopardy and everything it reminds me of?"

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Jess said...

Perfect post as I just hung up with my final good-bye to Liza still on American soil. Her flight is boarding now. So the question now is, "Will tonight's Jeopardy show any signals of the change in its audience?" That is, two members incognito (aka taking up residence in The Cottage - without Jeopardy viewing capacity) and a sister without her sister-ette mere blocks away? My answer is, I hope not! But thanks to Tivo (it is quarter past 7 now) I will update you tomorrow!