Friday, April 07, 2006

Brought to you by the letters "ALL" as in ALL about last night's Jeopardy

Okay, so maybe the fundamentals of the "All about last night's Jeopardy" blog were not as thoroughly followed through with in those last couple of posts as they should have been. For that, I repent. (Isn't the Jewish repenting holiday coming up? Oh wait, no. The one coming up is the one in which we only eat unleavened bread - or do we?)
And in that shout out to the New York Times, what better way to start the summary of last night's Jeopardy? Alex started by telling us that there is a new partnership between the New York Times and Jeopardy. Just another reason to love the show, eh? So to the categories.
"Historic New York Times Headlines" (but, of course). "Which TV Show Came First?" "That's Super" "On The Menu" "A La Carte" "Prefix"
How pun-like that "Prefix" would come as the LAST category on the board. Oh you witty Jeopardy behind-the-scene-ers. (And how I long to be you.)
Our contestants for the evening were (from viewers' left to right, that is, starting with our champion)
Michael Falk (with winnings of $59,403 after 2 days) the academic meteorologist,
Stacy McKnight, the nanny, and
Peggy Till, a schoolteacher from Arlington, TX. It is here that I will tell you that Peggy Till's name caused quite a stir here in this poster's apartment. Jeremy chuckled and shared. Peggy Hill is the name of the mother on King of the Hill and that fictional family also hails from Texas. Peggy Till, Peggy Hill. Oh please stop!!
So on to the game!
Well, onto the first commercial. The scores were
$8800 (Michael),
$3000 (Stacy) and
$5000 (Peggy).
Coming back from the first commercial we found out many, many things including the fact that Stacy and her boss almost electrocuted themselves, Peggy attendee a festival called Spamarama and submitted a pasta salad made with Spam, and Michael is from Milwaukee. This round brought Stacy a daily double and double did she! Well, she almost did but she did take second place. She bet $2500 and got the question right.
Double Jeopardy brought us categories including, but not limited to:
"April" (a good month to be born, we all have been told),
"Who Are You?" (who is asking?),
"In the Dictionary" (words), and
"Geographic Horserace" (can only be explained in person - which I look forward to doing).
Let's cut to the Double Jeopardy chase. It was a great round. At one point Stacy was oh so close to taking over the top spot, which Michael held all of the time. But Stacy ended up placing third as the contestants entered Final Jeopardy. The category was Business & Industry and as an MBA student, the pressure was on in our house!! Luckily, the answer was this:
"On July 16, 1995 a science textbook was this company's first sale"
For those readers who don't wish to know, I won't tell. If you want me to tell, please comment.

The champion was the winner (sounds like a Yogi-ism) with $22,801, Peggy came in second with $15,000 and Stacy's score was so insignificant that I didn't write it down.

It was a great episode, classic Jeopardy. . . plunged into Hall of Fame status with one of Alex's last lines of the night. "Our thanks to the ladies"
Yes, Alex, give those ladies the thanks they deserve!

And that, my dear readers, is all about last night's Jeopardy!


Liza said...

you're not kiddin'!

Glen said...

I expect reportage of this quality after each and every episode. It's a tough ask, that's for sure, but as ABC over here don't show it (yet), what's a boy to do?