Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Lees

William Lee, our champion with approximately $62,000 after two wins, and Dan Lee, a new guy, were two of the three contestants last night. They are not related for anyone out there (perhaps on the other side of the pond?) who is wondering. Kathy, our token female for the evening, was in the middle.
Going into final Jeopardy we knew Kathy was our winner with a runaway score of approximately 22,000 (compared to William's $7,000 and Dan's $5 something.)
The Final Jeopardy questions was "What is Russia and Japan?" (The answer being "These two countries were involved in a war with each other but it was not fought on either participant's soil.") I only bring up the question to point out that although you may think getting on to Jeopardy means you are not a fool, it is just not true.
Dan's answer that he wrote on his writing pad was this "What is the Russo-Japanese War?" Well, if I tell you there was a group groan in our house, would you believe it? Well, of course you would. We groaned. We yelled. We are were pissed off. We don't like when people are idiots and we especially don't like it when they are on Jeopardy being idiots. Read the question please!
So, perhaps this post would be better titled "Gripe Session #2"

Did I mention that Kathy blew the Lees out of the water?

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