Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Reporting to you live (ish) from New York City

Well, I knew the first Jeopardy with more than half of this blogs' bloggers NOT in America (Glen in London, Jess in America, and Liza in the air) would have a hidden message or two for me. I didn't expect it to be so obvious.
Before the first commercial Alex muttered,
"We'll come back, which is what we always do"
That was the way the teevee was telling me - don't worry Jess, they'll come back - like they always do.
Like when Liza went to London with Carey for the first time. We were living on Bleecker Street and she did come back! Thankfully, so she could be there when our landlord said goodbye when we left (for good) and told us he loved us!

Or at Planet Rose and Glen went to the bar to get us drinks - and he came back!

Better yet, during the commercial - which I mostly fast forwarded through (thanks Tivo) - I caught a commercial with Alex talking about a new Jeopardy contest - tickets to see it live in LA. What a day! I entered, of course. You can enter each night for the next 7 or so. All you need to know is the Final Jeopardy category (not answer or question). I can post this each night so a certain somebodies (oh, hello there) can enter as well using a certain somebodies (i.e. mine or the Shevitz') US of A address.

The Final Jeopardy category was American Politicians. But before that, let's talk contestants.
It was 4 time champion Bob's night as he had $4400 by the first commercial. Melissa (on the viewers' far right) talked about her and her husband's "major hobby" of role-playing games. TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Heh but she didn't mean the innuendo my dirty mind picked up. I mean, it is Jeopardy after all - on at 7 PM every weeknight. She called it "pretending for grown ups" and oddly and awkwardly as only our friend Alex can be said, "kinda like marriage". The audience gave a laugh but I am not sure what in the heck he was thinking.
Luis was next and he told a story of getting kicked out of Canada as a US naturalized citizen (originally from Mexico) who didn't have his papers so he couldn't stay more than 48 hours. I thought of Liza and hoped she had all of the papers she needed when she disembarked the plane with her suitcases (new and borrowed ones).
Lastly, Bob told a scary tale of leaving his home and never coming back for 20 years. And yes, I thought of my dear friends (who luckily are family, too!) who better not imitate his daunting tale (albeit one told in less than 45 seconds). He was from Czechoslovkia was visiting Yugoslavia and during that visit the Russians took over. His family headed to the US of A and he made it back 20 years later. Alex had nothing to say but "let's get back to the game"(or something along those lines). Yikes.

And back to the game we went.
There were some good categories including Best Oscar. Three films were listed and contestants had to name the Oscar winner. The $1000 Answer was Mrs. Miniver, Mr. Roverts and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Bob lucked out (as sometimes only a champ can) as the other two contestants answered wrong. (Question: What is Mrs. Miniver?)

We also had a question:
What is Massachusetts? And the answer contained Worcester - a dead giveaway in my world.
Worcester shout outs are always satisfying especially when a certain somebody has shed tears that very same day. Or climbed over a couch and behind two chairs to dig and dig and find Plan B (aka another suitcase).

The number one word looked up in Webster's online dictionary is integrity and that is a word that ALWAYS reminds me of my sister. Well, more like integral (as in "an integral part of my life") but the two words have many of the same letters, right?

Luis got both Daily doubles but it didn't help as
1) He was in the hole for the first one, and
2) Bob kicked butt.
He had it by Final with $17,000 - the other two players couldn't touch him.

And that is all about last night's Jeopardy.


Liza said...

What a post...sounds like quite an episode as well. I laughed, I cried, it was better than CATS.Have I said that before as a comment to the show? I think we'll be able to find some special Jeopardy bar/hookup here--I mean, it only took us one minute to hook up the computer! That's good for us!

Liza 'Integral' Levy

Glen said...

I too loved this posting. I'd like to say 'adored' so I shall.

I'm also of the opinion, Jess, that your, "Or at Planet Rose and Glen went to the bar to get us drinks - and he came back!" is a great line, even if I'm not entirely certain of the night in question (the last time, right?). George Bernard Shaw would be proud of it (and indeed you).

Yours, always searching for integrity,