Friday, April 28, 2006

And I wish to thank myself

While much has happened in the past week on our beloved Jeopardy nothing compares to this.
Kindly scroll to the end of the article.


Glen said...

What a bold speech. It's probably due to blogs like these - we know he's reading it - that give him the confidence to come out with such remarks in the first place. It's like someone applauding themselves on a chat show: I saw/heard that last week before the host told him, "it's not a good look". But who's gonna tell the host you don't really say things like that?

And with that, Happy Anniversary and good night (it's late here so I wish to thank myself for staying up to type this last paragraph. Oh...)

Liza said...

How bizarre--In the past year (or post-Ken Mania), I have noticed Alex's personality shining through on the show more often than usual. He's a smart ass.
But I won't lie...I miss him.
Umm, Jess, Kim Zimmer! Down an elevator shaft! Awesome.