Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'Tis the season

So it has been almost a month since the last post. That doesn't mean Jeopardy hasn't been a part of our lives. We had a great visit from the London wing of AALNJ over Thanksgiving and we did partake in not only turkey and stuffing but some quality Jeopardy home viewing gathered round the 'ol 42 incher. A week after that I was listening to an NPR podcast of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" that was a revue of sorts with guests from years past. I was lucky enough to listen to Ken Jennings answer three questions in which the writers of the show tried to stump "the man who knows everything" (the name they bestowed upon him). He got them all correct. Whatta guy.

Then we went to trivia last Monday. Our team name was Gingerbread Men, Nutmeg Woman. This was due to the gingerbread samples our teammate Dom had brought for us. Delicious! But even more delicious was our 2nd place ranking. We were in a tiebreaker and beat out the other team who due to our smarts, came in lowly 3rd place. This was out of a large number of teams though - the largest I had seen - 20!

And then there was yesterday. Doing The New York Times Monday crossword is the best way to boost your self-esteem. I urge all of you out there feeling low. . . wait it out until next Monday and then grab the paper. Go to the Arts section, find that crossword puzzle and complete it. You will. I promise.
Yesterday's 6 Across: "Jeopardy" whiz Jennings.
Nice way to start the week, huh? Your muse in the crossword puzzle.
Well, I hope the rest of the week (my second to last in business school) goes as swimmingly, starting with the final I have later tonight.

Fingers crossed. I hope it works!

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Liza said...

good luck! and may i add that seeing what you described in the Nov 13 post was quite a highlight of the new york trip. whatta a tiebreaker!