Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That's right. There's no title to this post. I am speechless. We are speechless.
I was wondering what it would take to bring an AALNJ writer back and well, after tonight's super exciting last 10 seconds (yes, the last 10 seconds!) - - I am back.
This week and last we'd been tuning in at about 8:30 each night to watch the Tournament of Champions. Always great matches. Great challenging questions. Tonight was no different. But THIS was different. Two contestants answered Final Jeopardy correctly. The answer was "What is 8 and a half?" (for the category Movies). They each had $15,401 due to their wagers. The guy in the lead had $15,400 and answered Final Jeopardy incorrectly. So whoa - a tie! Who doesn't love a tie in Jeopardy ?! They are so very rare.
But wait.
In week two of Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions we need one winner from the Monday through Wednesday night shows so the three can compete in the two day Final.
So, what to do?!
They were ready. Those Jeopardy people. Next thing you know we are back on Alex talking a mile a minute saying that
1. There hadn't been a tiebreaker in about 20 years and
2. The tiebreaker's gonna start. It looks like final - the category is "Child's Play" and whoever buzzes in and answers correctly wins. And you must answer correctly. (well, duh) You can't win by default.

It was a tense 2 seconds and then - ding - the answer. Alex reads it.
Celeste buzzes in and as she can barely believe what has just happened (Jeopardy history!) and I can tell she can barely believes how lucky she is that she knows the answer - she answers correctly! Alex lets her know, her arms flail in the air (well, where else would they flail?) and she exclaims, "All right!" And how.

And just like that I had to post.

For those of you reading who didn't get to see it, not to worry. It's saved on our DVR. I know - how lucky are you that you know me and are staying with us this weekend?! I will gladly re-watch the 10 seconds again with you. See you soon!


lizas431 said...

Can't wait to see it-- will be the best day of my life.

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