Friday, December 14, 2007

An announcement...

We here are very excited about the latest comment on AALNJ blog. Someone has come through with the transcript and video of SNL's Jeopardy! 1999. (first aired 1976)
Find the transcript here and the video here. That person is our commenter and friend, Ivy.

Ivy has helped us and come through in numerous ways-- 1) this transcript 2) celebrity jeopardy contestant naming and in many other ways...

And I would like to name her, 'Official Researcher!' (Exclamation point included) This is a voluntary position and the responsibilities are totally up to you!

Thanks and hope you all enjoy the links..(that means you, Glen, Jess, maybe Jer and possibly Harley...anyone else out there reading? Dad?)

1 comment:

Ivy said...

Gee, thanks Liza... what an honour! (well, Glen did include me in his post) It beats my current *job*!