Friday, July 28, 2006

I liked college. (AKA I want a Shout out)

She wanted one so badly and without much waiting it appeared.

And now to our story.
The other night (sorry - it wasn't last night. I am clearly too honest for the damn blog title) I came home from class still in the "I love my new apartment, my new neighborhood, my new routine (new part-time job etc.)" mode and was flipping the channels. I could not for the life of me figure out what to watch and then - duh! - like a lost dog who has found its owner (I can only imagine as 1) I am not a dog and 2) I have never witnessed such a reunion) - I realized - Jeopardy! (and another thing - why in the world would I propose an analogy in which I compare myself to a dog?)
I am the dog?

After so many weeks (ok - it was probably max 2) away from it, it still isn't part of the new routine. And now that I think about it - maybe that is best. Maybe it should be something to be relished. Like an ice cream sundae, or a manicure (WITH the extra massage) (ok not sure what the deal is today with my references to things that I really shouldn't be referencing as, like the dog, I have never had a manicure and then the massage the nice ladies are always trying to upsell you with.) Yes, maybe Jeopardy should not be part of the routine but a game show only for special nights and special days. . . . . .

So - the game. 3 female contestants. (definitely mention worthy)
We had Celeste (is Brooklyn-like with her full name, Celeste Denucci and her bob with chunky glasses a la Stella Daily)
She was trying to defend her family's name as her brother had been a champ sometime back and had lost after maybe two or three games. He did lose to someone who ended up in the season Tournament of Champions and ended up placing pretty well. Did I lose you here?!

Back to the introductions.
Erica, a sociologist who barely cracked a smile. Would you? Do you remember those Soc classes? I had to take one core. Imagine taking 'em as your major? Less smiling makes sense to me. Oh the other thing about Erica is she doesn't read books. She said this on national TV. I know next time I am looking for a sociologist to hire there's one I WON'T be calling and her name is Erica. She doesn't get her info from books. Only TV and the Internet.
Then there was Margaret. This is Jeopardy at its finest especially when I used to think there were never any contestants under age 100. (This was probably when I was like 12 and anyone over 50 seemed like they were 100). In any case, Margaret is a retired attorney who, it sounded like, is living it up. Golf, boating and the like. Don't forget weekly attendance at pub quizzes where she usually ends up finishing the keg and wearing a lampshade on her head. (I made that last part up)

Now let's really get on to the game. Yeesh.
There was a "Free" Enterprise category. Free kick was one of the answers. Love those HBC (Huntington Boys Club) soccer (oh sorry, football) references. There was also a "Throw it here" category having to do with people throwing items. "Who is Woodrow?" was the answer to This President was the 1st to attend a World Series game and throw out the first ball in 1915.
In this game, I also learned:
Cairo, with 8 million people, is the largest populated city in Africa.
Johnson & Johnson have been selling Band-Aids for 85 years.

Other categories included Pop Culture (me loves me some pop culture even though Duran Duran was NOT mentioned), Pronouns (me also loves the pronouns and simpleton-ly named categories) and Lass Words (a category filled with words of famous females (gee, how coincidental - three female contestants - and a whole category on female words)

Celeste selected both of the Daily Doubles and she also won the game. The champ remained the champ. The Final category was Oscar-Nominated Movies (would you like a little pop culture with your pop culture?!) and the clue was "One of the two Oscar nominated movies with Don Hewitt of '60 Minutes' as a character"
I immediately thought of one - The Insider and did not get the other (but I still would have gotten the question right since you only have to had written down one of the two). Kinda odd considering the other one was Good Night and Good Luck and I just had watched part of the movie on a certain flight back home from a certain European country where certain family members live.
One contestant (Marge) wrote down Roger and Me - nice shout out to Michael Moore but oh so wrong and then another, Erica (the soc's number you will lose) wrote down The Outsider. We had a good smug chuckle with that one. And then. . . and then. . . we had our own little daily double and we watched another episode. This is where the "Shout out" comes in.

Cutting to the chase, a certain someone told me her son was sick and then less than 24 hours later a category basically dedicated to the guy shows up. "Turn me Lewis" So we had all questions with Lewis in the answer. My personal favorite was Merriweather Lewis, who is the Lewis of Lewis and Clark. From now on, the almost one year old, Lewis I know is going to be Merriweather to me. How many times you think I can say Lewis in this here blog post?
This round also gave viewers who love the categories Pop Culture and Oscar-nominated movies (hi) the category of Actors and Actresses. This actor wrote Ash Wednesday and The Hottest State. Well, how do you like that? The question is "Who is Ethan Hawke?" and I have just happen to have a little anecdote about meeting Ethan Hawke (in his pre-married and now sadly pre-divorced days). A certain someone was with me and no! it wasn't Lewis. A classic image of certain someone usually pops into my head when I hear the name Ethan Hawke and it is a memory of an arm with a lighter and the call, "I have a light!" Yes, it is true. This story involved us - little 'ol us - giving a light to Ethan Hawke in the Village one night in the late 90s. (Mid to late 90s might be a more fit description of the time but the mid 90s was too long ago for me to be at peace with it! As cliched as it may sound - let's not go there.)
So there you have it, a request for a mention and it just couldn't be avoided.

So, Celeste won again even though she didn't get Final correct (the horror) and now she is a three time champ with $60,402. Nice work, Denucci!

That is all about some Jeopardys I watched in late July! (as the date indicates.)

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