Thursday, July 27, 2006

Deny, Deny, Deny

He might deny such allegations but do you in some small way think Ken made comments on his blog with ulterior motives? In my humble opinion his postings (both the digs on Jeopardy and then the apology) were pretty funny (you knew I would say that, right? I mean, he is this blog's mascot after all) but were they really at the end of the day necessary? That then leads to an entire discussion (could take days) on the question of "Are blogs necessary? and we just won't go there. What I will tell you is his book is coming out September 12 and perhaps he (or his PR firm or his publicist - I assume he has a publicist who made him pose for the photo here) wanted to get his name back out there. What better way to do that then write something not very Mormon-ish (a word?) and not very similar to his all around nice demeanor.
Then again, a major reason I liked Ken all along as he was playing the game, was his off the cuff remarks, his out of the (little blue) box manner, his snarkiness and "What's a Ho?" (never gets old)
Please discuss. (Comments section)

But on to other matters such as Last Night's Jeopardy! (and the night before)
To be continued. . .

Editor's note: I just went to Ken's blog. His pageviews went from 1,800 on Tuesday to 573,000 the next day! Pre-orders for the book also went up. (oh for me? you really shouldn't have)
Me smells a promotion for some PR wanker somewhere in the West!


Liza said...

love the pr wanker line... i wonder who this pr whiz is...and get me ken jennings agent on the phone!

Glen said...

I only have one thing to add: the book comes out on September 12th. Our flight lands at JFK...on September 12th. That is all.

Anonymous said...

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