Monday, April 02, 2007

West Virgina is for Loers

We thought it was a great name. Tonight we went to Last Exit on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn to play trivia.

Basically, when West Virginia won the NIT basketball tourney earlier this week, the T-shirts that had been pre-made saying West Virginia NIT champs had spelled Virginia with one less "i" making it an incorrect spelling.

So, we named our team "West Virgina is for Loers". The Emcee regarded it as "very clever". This AFTER he read it wrong and asked if there was a misspelling! (There was and it was deliberate.)

Whether or not West Virginia is for Lovers (or Virginia for that matter), I do not know. But I do know that we came in first place tonight!! And there was an all important question regarding the March 16, 2007 Jeopardy game. Why did it make history? Oh please. Challenge me, would ya?! Challenge me!!! Three way tie for those readers who have not read recent posts.

So as I write this, I am thinking about the 40 bucks I won (and Jeremy won 40 too!) and listening to Ohio State U lose to Florida in the NCAA basketball tournament. Usually I wouldn't care but had OSU won, I would be in the money of something to the tune of 250 MORE bucks (more than than 40 already in my pocket.) As it turns out, I will have come in second place so I will be getting something to the tune of 60 bucks.

Woo hoo! Though there was no searching for the afikomen in my Passover celebrations of late, I certainly have some extra gelt!


Liza said...

Did he say West Va*ina? Can't believe there was a Jeopardy! question in your pub had to come in first place. The stars were aligned.

Glen said...

Never mind all this betting lark (you'd never find me placing bets on the outcome of sporting events - what a suggestion!) but get yourselves down to this event tonight...

Drinks: Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Game Show
8pm tonight at Magnetic Field; $5
97 Atlantic Ave, between Hicks and Henry (Brooklyn); 718.834.0069
At this barroom Jeopardy tournament, contestants use real buzzers, audience members hurl real insults, and anyone eliminated from contention receives a real Budweiser -- proving that sometimes it pays to be real stupid.