Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day is a play day

It’s our anniversary – no, not this blog’s anniversary, silly!
It was on this date, approximately 720 days ago, that Jeremy and I ceremoniously wed in front of family and friends. It was also on this day that I wore a white dress – it was sparkly and white (no veil) and I felt like the luckiest person in the world.
Today is no different. Ok – there’s no sparkly dress on me (I am not wearing white either) but I was awoken this morning by an enthusiastic “Happy Anniversary!” And as I was getting ready for my day (which included a breakfast reception at school and then an 8 hour day at my new “internship summer” employer) I was called into the second bedroom where my beloved and my pet cat were sitting. He called me in and said, “Jess, come see what I got Duncan for his birthday!”
Yes. Our cat’s birthday is the same day as our anniversary. Not sure what to make of it – but it is what it is.
Anyway, it was a trick. He held a jewelry-looking box to Duncan’s confused face and said – “Here Duncan.”
I hadn’t had my coffee – what was I to think? Well, I will tell you what I thought (for about 20 seconds.)
“Hmm…that is a Claypot box in a size I have never had. How did Jeremy get it and what did he get Duncan at Claypot?”
Heh. I was really fooled. Of course, I must repeat, I hadn’t had my morning cup of Joe at this point.
Anyway, turns out the box from Claypot was for me and a beautiful bracelet lay in it for me to display. A great start to the day!
But the luck doesn’t end there. I will wrap it up quickly as the evening awaits a mere two blocks from our home (lucky). A French-bistro dinner (lucky) with a trivia night at 9 in the adjoining bar! (sounds almost too good to be true!)

And this isn’t really lucky but a mere coincidence that I would be celebrating a special day and this headline appears on the cnn.com page – “New US citizenship test reads like ‘Jeopardy’”! It was a video – find it here (for a little while anyway) and while I am usually not a CNN video-downloader (hate the commercials and you know what, sometimes it just takes too long) of course, I watched. As it was downloading I thought, "Hmm what does this mean. Will people really have to respond with a question? "
Answer: “Red, White and Blue”
Question: “What is the American Flag?”
It didn’t really make sense. And as I was told (by the video I watched only ½ of) it is just that the test is more difficult now that it was in the past.
So, that’s the update and that is the Jeopardy news.

Good night and good luck.


Liza said...

Glen-- get on that test and tell us what the questions are! Is there a final jeopardy question?

Glen said...

The scary thing is that now I can link to CNN videos as part of my job ("we" have a partnership with CNN) I could bring this test to the masses. Scarier still is that it looks like between 5 and 8am Standard Eastern Time I shall be in charge of the entire Time.com website.

What is 'Are my employers crazy?'