Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day is a play day

It’s our anniversary – no, not this blog’s anniversary, silly!
It was on this date, approximately 720 days ago, that Jeremy and I ceremoniously wed in front of family and friends. It was also on this day that I wore a white dress – it was sparkly and white (no veil) and I felt like the luckiest person in the world.
Today is no different. Ok – there’s no sparkly dress on me (I am not wearing white either) but I was awoken this morning by an enthusiastic “Happy Anniversary!” And as I was getting ready for my day (which included a breakfast reception at school and then an 8 hour day at my new “internship summer” employer) I was called into the second bedroom where my beloved and my pet cat were sitting. He called me in and said, “Jess, come see what I got Duncan for his birthday!”
Yes. Our cat’s birthday is the same day as our anniversary. Not sure what to make of it – but it is what it is.
Anyway, it was a trick. He held a jewelry-looking box to Duncan’s confused face and said – “Here Duncan.”
I hadn’t had my coffee – what was I to think? Well, I will tell you what I thought (for about 20 seconds.)
“Hmm…that is a Claypot box in a size I have never had. How did Jeremy get it and what did he get Duncan at Claypot?”
Heh. I was really fooled. Of course, I must repeat, I hadn’t had my morning cup of Joe at this point.
Anyway, turns out the box from Claypot was for me and a beautiful bracelet lay in it for me to display. A great start to the day!
But the luck doesn’t end there. I will wrap it up quickly as the evening awaits a mere two blocks from our home (lucky). A French-bistro dinner (lucky) with a trivia night at 9 in the adjoining bar! (sounds almost too good to be true!)

And this isn’t really lucky but a mere coincidence that I would be celebrating a special day and this headline appears on the cnn.com page – “New US citizenship test reads like ‘Jeopardy’”! It was a video – find it here (for a little while anyway) and while I am usually not a CNN video-downloader (hate the commercials and you know what, sometimes it just takes too long) of course, I watched. As it was downloading I thought, "Hmm what does this mean. Will people really have to respond with a question? "
Answer: “Red, White and Blue”
Question: “What is the American Flag?”
It didn’t really make sense. And as I was told (by the video I watched only ½ of) it is just that the test is more difficult now that it was in the past.
So, that’s the update and that is the Jeopardy news.

Good night and good luck.

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At 5:29 PM, Blogger Liza said...

Glen-- get on that test and tell us what the questions are! Is there a final jeopardy question?

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Glen said...

The scary thing is that now I can link to CNN videos as part of my job ("we" have a partnership with CNN) I could bring this test to the masses. Scarier still is that it looks like between 5 and 8am Standard Eastern Time I shall be in charge of the entire Time.com website.

What is 'Are my employers crazy?'


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