Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why, yes, yes I do...

I was doing some research for my blog posting and Glen all exasperated goes, 'You take this bloody blog more seriously than your job!' 'Umm, is that a problem?' is what I have to say to that.

Well, my post really is just to say that I've been to Celebrity Jeopardy! sometime during the year 2000. It's weird to think of Jeopardy! pre- AALNJ, Ken, and blogs for that matter. I went with a former Sotheby's colleague and her parents to The Theater at Madison Square Garden. The celebrity guests were Nathan Lane, Meredith Viera and someone who I can't remember. I have tried searching online for this thinking the internet wouldn't let me down. Alas, I could not find the third person (man? woman? who knows?) This is when Glen asked me the blasphemous question.

So, the ceiling is lit in the Madison Garden Theater way and the stage is set up with the infamous board.

I think there was someone to warm us up and tell us when to cheer, laugh, speak, or not speak. This was a really long time ago...and I can't remember too much except that Meredith Viera cursed when she got an answer wrong...she said "awww sh**" (which was not followed by 'I thought it was your birthday!')
Also, the celebs were not too bright from what I recall and I do not think that I am getting my experience confused with SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy!

Soo, if anyone can tell me who the third guest was on with Nathan Lane and Meredith Viera, I'll give you, um, a noogie!!!!


ivy said...


[from nathanlane.com] Nathan spoke of competing on "Celebrity Jeopardy" ("It was a bloodbath. I opened up a big can of whoop-ass on Meredith Viera and James McDaniel")

What can I say... I was bored and dipping into my advance purchase of Halloween candy. I needed the diversion!

Jess said...

Wow - that is im
pressive. Thanks for the research, Ivy. And if we just happen to stop by your place on Oct 31 . . . (never mind that that would be weird) what kinda of candy could we expect?

ivy said...

The buy-what-you-don't-like rule went out the window, so chocolate... natch. If you *were* to show up and wanted to "collect", I insist you be wearing the same cheerlader outfit from circa 1980-ish! ; )