Sunday, October 01, 2006

The real deal

It is odd I was talking about fate and then London AALNJ presented an installment about the high holy days. (very fun by the way).

And this is really what happened after we received that postcard looking correspondence in the self-addressed, stamped envelope I had sent to the Van Nuys Jeopardy studio back in August.

Email to my Sony friend @ 2:45 pm.
"Hey there -
I hope your week is going well.
I got notification in the mail today that I did not get Celebrity Jeopardy tickets . . .
Bummer. . . Dropping a line just in case your friend who works on the show wants to give a true die-hard Jeopardy fan (that'd be me) a chance to see the show in NYC next week (or weekend)!


Who here likes that casual-ness, blase-ness of this note? I have to say it came quite naturally though I wrote it in a Jeopardy-laden frenzy!

Imagine if you will a too-old-to-be-obsessed with Jeopardy (or anything!) fan, sitting in her office, Jeopardy hat on, with the Final Jeopardy ditty (about two to three times faster than the televised rhythm) playing in her head.
That was. . .

not me.

But a funny image, nonetheless. Then let's say the rest of the afternoon the theme music won't stop from playing in a hostile manner in your mind.

Again, not me.

But then imagine an email return a mere 4 hours and 45 minutes later
indicating yes, there would be tickets waiting at will call for the Saturday 9:45 am taping. That, my friends, was me (!!) so we got 'em and we are going!

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Liza said...

Exciting! Some advice as someone who's been there. Try to contain your excitement when you are there...I do not want you to be thrown out for being loud... :-)