Thursday, September 28, 2006

Remember Jeopardy?

It's been a while since we've actually summarized an episode of Jeopardy - the blog's namesake! So, without further ado - it's all about last night's Jeopardy (and then some. .. )
Or maybe more appropriately and minus some.

Let me be truthful and just tell you we watched not one, not two but three Jeopardy's last night from the week and the week prior. We wouldn't have gotten into last week except we turned on Monday's show to see two - yes two! champions. We didn't even get to the start of the game - I mean, this is unprecedented now isn't it? Or is it?
We turned off the game and put on the prior game. And we watched with eager eyes. And we watched Nick and Sarah go into Final Jeopardy with $15,200 each. And they both got Final right and so they both ended up with $30,400. Quite a payday for the Jeopardy money giver outers.
And then, as previously discussed, both ended up on the show the next day. Wow.
Sarah was a three day champ with $63,599 and Nick, a one day champ with (say it with me now) $30,400. And I am not proud to say, I have no idea who won that game. I know. For shame. For shame.

But last night's show (the third in the trilogy) included a clue that told us the Pink Floyd album title based on a George Orwell novel. Did you get it?
What is Animals was the correct response. Also on this episode was a 50 year old who was brought to Bora Bora to scuba dive as a gift from his wife. And on one of his scuba diving expeditions he got bitten by a grouper. The Jeopardy-ish kicker? He ate grouper for dinner that night. Why I oughta!!

And lastly in my rather un-diligent notes regarding last night's watching patterns, Double Jeopardy had a category titled Weddings. Which made me think of the most recent post (see below) Aw.
And wouldn't you know it - the first clue was this. (seriously)
"When this is done at Jewish Weddings, Uncle Mort might reply, "That's the last time he puts his foot down"
Why I oughta!!

The correct response being, "What is break the glass" (though the contestant said . . wine glass and I might beg to differ, IF I knew my Jewish tradition origins a bit better)

So that is in remembrance of last night's Jeopardys and later this weekend we will post an ever so exciting update of the upcoming taping of Celebrity Jeopardy at Radio City Music Hall. As Jeremy so eloquently put earlier today - Jess, this is the ideal Jeopardy for you - Celebrities (which you love - well, who doesn't) and Jeopardy! (well, who doesn't?!?!)

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Liza said...

Glen, a draw! He's asked about this and wondered what happens...and this is it! Great post. One of the best.