Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Yin & The Yang

We flipped on the tube as we sat down to dinner and decided to watch Jeopardy. A collective groan from the crowd was heard since it was the College Tournament but instead of watching something else (a recorded 30 Days by Morgan Spurlock to be precise) we thought Jeopardy better suited our multi-tasking. Sit, eat, watch.
(This anecdote of how we came about to be watching this particluar episode is neither the Yin nor the Yang)

The first category the kids selected was MC Trebek. And we loved it for a moment there. "MC" Trebek recited lines from rap songs such as Lose Yourself by Eminem, It's Getting Hot in Here by Nelly - Imagine, if you will a straight faced Alex,
"It's getting hot in here (so hot) so take off all your clothes" and then a line from Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg.
It was the last two answers that bit our asses. And this is why. We're innocently watching/listening to the category getting the first three ($200, $400, $800) along with the contestants and then bam!
Answer: Mom busted in and said what's that noise. 'Aw, Mom you're just jealous it's' them"
Mom busted in and said what's that noise. 'Aw, Mom you're just jealous it's' them"
Mom busted in and said what's that noise. 'Aw, Mom you're just jealous it's' them"

We didn't hear a thing.
No one buzzed in.
You could here a pin drop, a cricket cricketing.
Nothing! The kids didn't know it.
A loud groan sounded (it was us).
And then, and then!!

MC Trebek for $2000, Alex.
Answer: I've been here for years. Rockin' my peers and puttin' suckas in fear. Momma said knock You Out.

Quiet. Silence. Not a peep.
I screamed, "No! No!"

And just like that. . . we decided to never watch the college tournament again!

And now the Yang. Sure we have a DVR and sure, this is how we always watch Jeopardy. But I am not the best with the rewinding and fast forwarding. Even though I'm fast approaching three years of practice with this particular piece of technology, let's just say I have many talents and fast forwarding through the commercials ain't one of 'em. (Let's not mention the times we've missed an entire (critical) scene or finale due to mishandling). But sometimes, just sometimes, catching a promo bit or commercial, if you will, is not necessarily so bad.

So, I press play.
Alex and what looks like the set of Final Jeopardy. The category is Family Fun.
Answer: It's the hottest ticket in New York this fall.

We both immediately scream out Mary Poppins!! (is this sad?) and we quickly learn this is a promo for a Jeopardy event and before I have a chance to laugh, I hear what the event is and ok - I can face it - I pretty much freak out. I got up quickly from the table put both hands over my head (like when I crossed the finish line at the marathon having just run 26.2 miles) and I lightly jog to my computer in the office on the other side of the apartment. My hands come down. I go to this site and well, the Yang to our earlier Yin.

This is the best day of my life!

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