Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Live From Manchester...

Yup, that's right...the blog has gone wild with all its satellite offices...Ealing, London, Berlin, and now Manchester....
I received my Ken Jennings trivia newsletter and I have got to say..I may have not met many Mormons (I have been to Utah twice) but I do think that Ken Jennings may be one of the funniest of the bunch!

GOOOOALLLL. (sorry for the interruption but England just scored. ie the reason that I am in Manchester)

Well, Ken has a section with Last Week's Answers and this is what went down:

2. The Siege Perilous was the name for the empty seat where?

The Round Table at Camelot. It was reserved for the knight who found the Grail. Many, many guesses of "Parliament" and the like. "Passover" was also a common guess of many players. We call those players "Gentiles."

So there you have it. Sometimes he's even a bit snarky!


Jess said...

Ha ha. Love the photo. And the chair for your friend, and mine, Elijah. Or was it the siege perilous?! Oh geez. I get confused.

Glen said...

I've clearly spawned a monster. Goal updates in the middle of a Jeopardy posting?!? I tell ya: in the Middle Ages over here (wifi - or indeed wife - problems notwithstanding), they'd have taken you through the streets as an example!