Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Power Players, etc

A true new fan can be added to the Jeopardy! club and his name is.....ALEX! Levy. Alex will always remember the first question he answered correctly a few weeks ago. Answer: "What are minions?"  But seriously, what the hell are minions?

In other news, it's Power Players week on the show and I think Alex (Trebek) has gone a little rogue during interview time. When did the Jeopardy! interview get to be a place to air your woes? First he asked Jonathan Franzen about how he feels about Twitter. I'm paraphrasing but they both hate it and think it will lead to the decline of human civilization. No biggie. Then S.E.  INSERT LAST NAME of CNN (!) fame talks about what it means to be a Log Cabin conservative. This means she believes in same-sex marriage. (and she loves Twitter) And to top it all off, the third interview gets into beliefs about the 22nd amendment which sets term limits on the presidency. I'm not saying these aren't important subjects but there is a time and a place. 

For celeb interviews, I say stick to the script and talk about your charity! (where the winnings will go) 

I miss the days of contestants talking about collecting $2 bills and surprising cashiers by using them. I also miss uncomfortable, awkward contestant silence. But all in all, to quote Glen who really said during the closing credits at the end, 'That was an excellent show!'

It was and is always the Golden Age of TV when Jeopardy is around. (That's my quote) 

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