Thursday, May 26, 2016

A milestone or is it?

I talked about this in my previous post- 'this' being Alex (Levy) remembering his first Jeopardy answer.  The end of the kindergarten school year is near and Alex came home with project folders of his school work from the year.
What's this I see? A binder titled "Alex Levy-- Weekend Stories".  How sweet, oh look, we played, he went to a party, he saw Grandma....and then....THIS:

I'll translate:  Name: Alex Date: 1-11-16....'My first one right on Jeopardy.' Notice the players-- Steve was definitely there as Ava, me thinks, not sure about the other A.  I may have yelped when I saw this page.

Please note that Harper, Alex's 4 year old sister, has said to her father, 'I don't want to watch Jeopardy. It's boring!'


Jess Shevitz Rauch said...
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Jess Shevitz Rauch said...

You must be so proud of your guy! What a great picture of the life and times of Alex L!
As for Harper - thanks, peanut gallery! I wonder how boring is it? Would she rather no TV or Jeopardy?!