Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Some things one my mind- re: JEOPARDY!

There is so much great TV out there being called the Golden Age of TV (teeeeveeee) in some circles. But through it all, I have to say that Jeopardy! is and has always been high quality and I'm always happy to watch it. None of that gross, sad, violent drama that some shows revel in...just a friendly competition.
It seems to have even become better so shall I say it? we are now in 'A Golden Age of Jeopardy!'. Too many reasons to get into here and I think a super long post/thesis about it would be boring and frankly, who has the time, too many Jeopardy1 episodes to catch up on! I do have other things to do.  Sort of.

And with this, dear reader, (aka "Jess"), I will post some lists and some posts. I'm inspired.  See me at the list app!


Jess Shevitz Rauch said...

Where are these lists you speak of? Can't wait!!

Liza said...

There was one. Did you see it? Then my momentum fell away. Because ya know, B. I will only use that excuse until Dec 1. k?