Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Oh really?

Yes! A new post.

Matt Jackson is Killing It!
(I have yet to actually watch him play but I have read two articles about him so there is that.)

Matt Jackson Jeopardy Streak

Alex's brilliant (and completely made up) intro:
"Darlene from Akron, Ohio, I hear you have an unusual collection of old keys"


Liza said...

The fact that you haven't watched Matt Jackson and are the only contributor to the blog this year makes me sad. Not sad for you but sad for the inauthenticity of the blog. But it also inspires get back and contribute! Watch this space, last nighters. (Aka Jess)

Liza said...

Ps what's my username/password? Is blogspot still a thing?

Liza said...

did you watch any of Matt Jackson or is this post really from secondary sources? We're such an aggregator. I don't mean to question your journalistic integrity or anything.

Jess Shevitz Rauch said...

I watched him many times! And I watched him lose. That has to count for something.